Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, colleagues, and friends

The ESPHM 2020+1 was jointly organized by the European College of Porcine Health Management (ECPHM) that further engaged outstanding European pig practitioners (Veterinary Practitioner Council, VPC) and a Local Organizing Committee (LOC). However, the current situation regarding the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has not improved compared to last year, but it is even worse today. Although vaccination campaigns have started all over Europe, the incidence rates remain high, lockdowns have been implemented in many countries, and it has become extremely unlikely that travelling and/or meeting will be allowed, possible or even meaningful in April 2021.

Therefore, the organizing committee (ECPHM Board and Local Organizing Committee) together with the Professional Conference Organizer (Vet International) have taken the following decision:

The ESPHM 2020+1, scheduled from 14th to 16th April 2021, will not take place in Bern.

However, this is not a cancellation! We are working hard to find a solution which will allow us to present keynotes as well as oral and poster presentations online.


The ESPHM 2020+1 will differ from previous editions of the Symposium that started in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2009 with 220 delegates. Since the beginning, the congress has evolved at all levels, with more than 1,900 delegates in the edition in Barcelona, Spain, in 2018. This is an evident proof of the increasing interest that the scientific contents of the ESPHM offers, not only to European veterinarians but also to the international community. Although settled in Europe, the ESPHM aspires to be a source of updated knowledge and know-how in its field for the whole world.

None of the above has been and will be feasible without the contribution of speakers, delegates, and chairpersons, or without the support of the funding of partners, sponsors, and supporters.

Our deep thanks to all of them; they will be the core of the ESPHM 2020+1! Moreover, our deep appreciation to the board members of the ECPHM, the members of the VPC, and the additional members of the International Scientific Committee since they care for the soul and the spirit of the ESPHM.


We will provide the scientific content and valuable information from our partners, sponsors and supporters online. This will enable all interested persons to update their knowledge and to stay informed about the most recent scientific and practical achievements in Porcine Health Management.

More information about the way we are going to disseminate the scientific content of the ESPHM 2020+1 will be provided soon. Please do save the dates of ESPHM 2020+1 in your diary, stay tuned, read our newsletters, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for continuous updates.


Heiko Nathues
President of the ECPHM