• Herd health management and economy
  • Resident session
  • Viral diseases
  • Veterinary public health
  • Bacterial diseases
  • Welfare and nutrition
  • Miscellaneous
  • Immunology and vaccinology
  • Reproduction


October 1st, 2020: Opening of the abstract submission system

December 1st, 2020: Closure of the abstract submission system

February 1st – 3rd, 2021: Abstract final evaluation and notification letters sending

February 14th, 2021: Deadline for authors’ registrations

We gently remind authors that when submitting your abstract, you agreed that the abstract and the corresponding poster/presentation, which you are going to show during the ESPHM, become subsequently available in an App and online at the organizers’ discretion.

You are requested to provide a PDF document before presenting your poster or giving your talk.

Through this process, the Scientific Committee want to give all authors the chance to distribute their latest findings in science in a much better quality than it has been possible in the past editions of this and other conferences.

Taking pictures of displayed poster or filming of whole talks during sessions will not be allowed.

On the other hand, authors are required to provide us with the material that can be published and attendees are requested to visit the App or the dedicated website to go through this material.

The online registration and payment settlement of at least one author per abstract is required within the deadline, otherwise the abstract will not be published in the abstract book even if accepted.

To check your registration status, please contact registrations@esphm2020.org

IF YOU ALREADY SUBMITTED AN ABSTRACT FOR ESPHM 2020, you will have to re-access the system with the same credentials created last year and in the panel all your accepted abstracts will be shown; should you not remember them, you will be able to get the password through the link you can find on the website (Request Password).

You will have the possibility:

  • to keep your abstact(s) unchanged: in this case, you will have to click on CONFIRM ABSTRACT. Your work will be left unchanged and the corresponding allocated slot (i.e. poster or oral presentation) is maintained for the next edition of the Symposium.
  • to delete your abstract; in this case you will have to click on DELETE ABSTRACT. Your abstract will be cancelled and will release the corresponding slot.
  • to change or update your abstract(s): in this case, they will be considered as newly submitted and will undergo the whole evaluation process. You will have to click on ENABLE EDITING and follow the instructions in the Action List.
  • to add a new abstract by clicking on NEW ABSTRACT.


IF YOU DIDN’T SUBMIT ANY ABSTRACT FOR ESPHM 2020, it will be possible for you to register on the online system and submit your abstract(s); it will be sent to reviewers for evaluation as per keydates published.